About us

Mobility and Analytics: A Winning Combination


  Kanishka Software Private Limited is an organization that leverages disruptive technologies such as IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide BPM consulting services and platforms. We proudly serve techno solutions handcrafted by a team of professionals which is a perfect blend of experience and young ideas in the field of business process consulting and software development.

  Our core differentiation is the unique merger of a team comprising of technology professionals and business professionals that ensure that we provide the best fit solution to our customers, helping them to maximize ROI for each technology implemented and achieve their transformation goals.

The Journey

   Founded in 2014 as Kanishka Consultancy,it was meant to be a business consultancy firm.While in December 2017, it took a leap and grew as Kanishka Software Private Limited which was specialised in analytics based technology solutions to improve business processes. Compatible with iOS/ Android and Windows our products are tailored to meet your organisation needs leveraging its capabilities. And after our first product FOODIIDOFT being launched in 2015, there's no turning back.


  Blended with the mission and vision of our company, KSOFTPL Spirit is reflected both in our processes and products. For us, our client's needs are paramount and we put our heart and soul to meet them. We are proud to be that great growling engine of change which people call, technology.

Mission and Vision

"At Kanishka Software, we transform present & future together. Our mission is to code bridges between cutting edge technology and brilliant opportunities to facilitate extraordinary growth and sustainable profitability for our customers."

"With combination of talented team members, our vision is to do continuous development of unique process oriented solutions."


  "Recognition is the greatest motivator" they say. And we are no different. We are proud and humble at the same time to have received a number of awards and recognitions which speak of our good work, innovation and dedication. recognitions in chronological order



Snehal Umbarkar

Co Founders

  Snehal Desle Umbarkar- Behind every successful man is a woman, they say. But for us that stands true for the organisation as well. The lady behind our successful organisation is an electronics & telecommunication Engineering Graduate. Snehal has established herself in Entrepreneur’s shoes properly from last 5 years. KSOFTPL is the juice of her 7 years of job experience in core InfoSec industry and more than 11 years in all types of Industries.


Vinay Singh

Co Founders

  Vinay Singh: With an engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication which served as base, along with natural sales knack helped enroute Vinay as an entrepreneur. “Kanishka Software Pvt. Ltd. is a result of his hard work and smart work. With the discipline he holds from the navy background, he has been instrumental in building Kanishka Software to a level where it is Today.