Business Process Management

We help Companies on the journey to technology transformation with end to end consulting.

CIO Vendor Globally, BPM is prevalent among large enterprises realm owing to benefits like better productivity, ease of use and flexibility. On account of lowest operational cost, nowadays SMEs are also swiftly making head way towards BPM solutions to achieve better operational efficiency and revenue. Nevertheless, major BPM service providers concentrate on large enterprises with ready-to-go solutions. Hence, SMB segment remains a less focused area for technology or automation, and these organizations look out for agile ways to improve go-to-market strategy, ameliorate operational efficiency and boost revenue. Founded in 2014, Mumbai-headquartered Kanishka Consultancy enters into BPM landscape as a trust worthy partner to SMEs to offer agility in their service delivery, reduce time to market and provide better visibility. It offers BPM technology which encompasses key features like Workflow Management, Process Automation, Digitized asset/process management, Data analytics, and KPI/KRA trackers. The company delivers Business & Technology Consulting which incorporates business plan, technology strategy designing and development. Also, it creates easy-to-use Android, iOS and Windows phone based mobile applications and ensures easy deployments. “Our team always goes the extra mile to achieve customers' business objectives. We study each business and provide unique as well as customized Mobile Business Process Solutions. We aid segments like Realty, Facility management, Hospitals, Pharma, Manufacturing, Food industry or any small organization,” asserts Snehal Desle Umbarkar, Co-Founder and Partner of Kanishka Consultancy.

Aspiring to enhance profitability and productivity, Kanishka Consultancy streamlines clients' processes; there by every internal process becomes an asset to business rather than a liability. "With more transparency and better workflow of BPM system, organizations can become agile, stay competitive and ensure course correction. Optimizing our reports and analytics systems, business owners can take informed decisions for quick course correction rather than waiting for quarterly outputs,” shares Vinay Vikram Singh, Co-Founder and Partner of Kanishka Consultancy. Moreover, its solutions are stacks of different business logics that work to correlate and share analytical information to reporting engine. This offers better visibility to businesses for taking better decisions.

Further more, Kanishka Consultancy leverages BPM technology to make organizations more efficient and agile. It customizes solution / workflows according to industry/customer requirements.

Optimizing our reports and analytics systems, business owner can take informed decisions for quick course correction rather than waiting for quarterly outputs

The capability to deliver customized BPM solution enables Kanishka Consultancy to address customer’s pain points and objectives. Besides, it helps business decrease cost and risks, and increase revenue by means of BPM technology. "One of the integral parts of our solution stack is reporting, which gives customers visibility into efficient and inefficient processes of their service delivery flow. This helps them reduce risk, optimize the process in such a way that flow can help yield a better result and increase revenue," adds Vinay Vikram Singh. Therefore, it endeavours to digitize its solution as much as possible while optimizing cloud offerings to reduce direct Capex required to build a solution from the get-go.

Along with India’s Digital transformation initiative, Kanishka Consultancy aims to enable its clients'processes to get structured. "We see ourselves as a key contributor and plan to become a significant enabler to BPM industry,” signs off Snehal Desle Umbarkar.